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Process Flow

Notice of Potential Transplant

INTERLINK® requires that a Notice of Potential Transplant form be submitted for each patient to begin processing your referral. This form asks you to supply information related to the patient, case management, reinsurance, and claims payment, all of which is necessary to establish a contract for this patient.  This form can be submitted via our secure website or fax.

Sample Referral Transplant Form

Receipt Confirmation

Following the receipt of the Notice of Potential Transplant form, INTERLINK® will send you a letter to confirm that we have received your referral and have begun to process it. This letter will tell you when you can expect to receive financial rate information for this patient.

Sample Receipt Confirmation Letter

Financial Rate Information

Financial rate information will be sent to you in the form of a Contract Rate Summary (CRS), which outlines the pertinent terms of INTERLINK®'s agreement with the provider. The CRS will be accompanied with an executable Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which legally binds the payor to the terms of the agreement. For a referral to a network provider and program, INTERLINK® should be able to supply the financial terms to you within two business days. In the event that the patient will be receiving care from a non-network provider or from a network provider with an out-of-network program, it is likely that it will take longer to negotiate a rate. At this time you will also be notified of INTERLINK®'s fee for services.

Sample Financial Rate Letter

Sample Memorandum of Understanding

Sample Contract Rate Summary

Final Confirmation

Once INTERLINK® receives the executed MOU, we will notify the provider that the patient's potential transplant will be covered under our agreement and that all claims should be sent to INTERLINK® for repricing. We will also send you a final confirmation letter, indicating that the provider has been notified and that the contract is in place.

Sample Final Confirmation Letter

Invoice for Services

INTERLINK®’s fee schedule can be divided into two separate provisions. The first is the Network Access Fee, which is a flat rate fee specific to the transplant type that is paid to INTERLINK® only if and when the patient transplants. In the event that the patient does not progress to transplant, the second provision will apply, known as the Case Closed Fee. This fee is equal to 20 percent of total savings that exist as a result of INTERLINK®’s contractual relationship with the transplant center, to a maximum of the applicable Network Access Fee.

Sample Invoices