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Given the time and expense incurred by TPAs, reinsurers and case management companies to train nurse case managers in transplant management - INTERLINK® decided to help, and help in a big way by creating the Advanced Achievement in Transplant Management Certification (AATMC) program. Understanding the transplant process, contracting provisions, reporting appropriately, and providing coordinated messages with the transplant center will greatly increase the value based care of case management for our insurance clients.  This self-study program is comprised of 8 webinars with post-tests.

The AATMC certification program contains the following elements:

1. Outcome Education & Resources: increase understanding of improved outcomes and why they are beneficial, review candidate education materials, outcome fact sheets and pertinent internet resources;
2. Transplant Continuing Education: through completion of the AATMC program 8 CCM credits can be earned;
3. Contract & Rate Education: in-depth webinar on contract provisions and contracting methods, concluding with a contract rate proficiency post-test; and
4. Medical & Insurance Report Preparation: completing a course of study developed by INTERLINK® on medical necessity assessment and case management report writing.

The application process will include documentation of Case Management experience (two years minimum), and a working relationship with INTERLINK®, although this is not mandatory. A working relationship with INTERLINK® will waive the tuition fee. Successful applicants will receive a formal acceptance letter from INTERLINK's Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Quality Programs.


1. Is there a cost to participate?
There is a fee of $495 per nurse for non-INTERLINK® clients.
2. What is the composition of the program?
The program is comprised of eight core sessions which cover all phases of the transplant care process in a self-study webinar format followed by a required post-test. A total of 8 CCM credits can be earned upon successful course completion.
3. What is the time commitment required to complete the AATMC program?
The self-study program was designed to accommodate case managers' busy schedules. Each AATMC session requires about one hour of commitment. Post tests are administered through our website and can be completed at your convenience.
4. Can anyone apply?
Two years of active case management experience is required for application. This program attempts to educate nurses in a network unbiased manner, so an active working relationship with INTERLINK® is not mandatory, but may prove beneficial should there be more applicants than spaces available. INTERLINK® reserves the right to deny access to this program to competitors and others without cause.