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Contact Us

                                                                                 Quick Reference Guide: Version 7.0


  Chief Executive Officer

  John M. Van Dyke

  800-599-9119, Ext. 207


Speaking Engagements, New Products, and Program Customization


Medical Management

  Chief Medical Officer

  Ronald G. Potts, MD

  800-599-9119, Ext. 221

TransplantCARE Medical Issues, Facility Relations, Quality Assurance, and CancerCARE Advisory Board

  Associate Chief Medical Officer

  Oscar Bronsther, MD

  800-599-9119, ext. 112

TransplantCare Medical Issues and Facility Relations

  Vice President, Quality Programs

  Cindy Mathews, RN, BSN, CCM

  800-599-9119, Ext. 208

Transplant Referral Assistance, Facility Relations, and Quality Assurance



Account Management

  Director, Account Management

  Amanda Smart

  800-599-9119, Ext. 218


New Referrals, MOU’s, and Candidate Education Booklets


Facility Relations

  Assistant Vice President

  Jill Miller

  800-599-9119, Ext. 210


Facility Relations and HIPAA


Health Plan

                                                  INTERLINK COE Networks & Programs

                                                  4660 N.E. Belknap Court, Suite 209
                                                  Hillsboro, Oregon 97124
                                                  Toll Free (800) 599-9119
                                                  Telephone (503) 640-2000
                                                  Fax (503) 640-2028



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