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INTERLINK® COE Networks & Programs is an innovator in outcome-based care-improvement programs.  Focusing on high cost, low frequency procedures, intensive credentialing, procedure outcome collection methods and evidence-based treatment protocols, INTERLINK® achieves lower care costs through good medical outcomes.  In 1995, INTERLINK® began building a “Centers of Excellence” style transplant network, which is used today by health plans all across the nation.

Healthcare reform initiatives provide incentives for health plans and programs to focus on member outcome improvement. INTERLINK® is aggressively expanding into new areas providing outcome-based solutions for other high cost medical procedures.  Using rigorous outcome collection and review processes to identify high performing providers in transplantation, ventricular assist device care and cancer care, leads to improved outcomes for the member and plan.  INTERLINK’s TransplantCOE Network provides access to nearly 80 of the nation’s most noted transplant centers.  Each year, INTERLINK’s medical team collects and reviews outcome measures for each of our 468 credentialed transplant programs.  Our winning formula for significantly reduced costs is: improved member outcome + volume negotiated rate = lower health plan costs.