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AATMC Registration



Registration is now open.  Please fill out the form using the code in your invitation.  If you do not have a code, you need to contact your account manager at 800-599-9119.

We are still accepting applications.  If you register on or after May 1st the application may not be processed until after the May 3rd start date.  The program is an online self-study course, so that is not a problem.  We will process the application as soon as possible.  Once accepted, we will provide you with login information.


Health Plan

Admission Code (See AATMC Invite)
Job Title
Credentials You Have Achieved
Phone Number
Company Type (TPA, MGU, HMO, etc)
Are You a Certified Case Manager (CCM)
Case Management Specialty
Years of CM Experience
Years of Clinical Experience
Case Load Per Month
Transplant Cases Per Year
Medicare/Medicaid Transplant Cases

Note: After clicking submit the form will go blank.  You will receive a confirmation email a short time later.