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AATMC Online Course


May 3, 2017 News: The AATMC program is now live.  Please read the instructions below.  Watch this space for any announcements.  The program runs from 5/3 - 8/31.



Welcome to the Advanced Achievement in Transplant Management self-study program!  Please read these basic intructions before proceeding with the sessions.



Step 1 – Read the course outline.  This gives a more detailed explanation of the program and requirements.


Step 2 – Read the case study.  When you start the class sessions it is assumed that you have read this document.


Step 3 – Begin Completing each session in order 1-7 (Session 8 is a live webinar).


Each session is broken down into three sections.  Please complete these in the following order.

    -Read the Session Reading section.  This will help you better understand the material presented in the video.

    -Watch the Session Video.  Each section has a 45  minute to 1 hour video.

    -Complete the Session Post Test (See instructions in that section)


Step 4- Complete two Medical Round Tables.  We will make these available on this page and you will also receive invites to all future round tables.  Two are required, but feel free to attend more.