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1. About twenty years ago a panel of experts in transplantation was formed for which of the following reasons?
2. Which of the following is/are among outcomes measures considered when evaluating transplant centers?
3. Transplant care is not a statistically predictable or financially manageable event.
4. An experienced and well functioning surgical team often produces:
5. By promoting access to centers where great outcomes are likely to occur:
6. The concept of the "Centers of Excellence" in transplantation is:
7. All transplant networks are built around the COE concept.
8. For INTERLINK which of the following is done before extending an invitation to a facility for COE network inclusion?
9. Transplant networks cannot assure a good outcome from a "Center of Excellence" but a good outcome is likely to occur because of the quality of the program as determined by research into the the performance of that facility.
10. Even within "Centers of Excellence" networks not all transplant centers and programs are equal. The most important reason for this is that: