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Session Test


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1. The main goal of the case manager through the transplant process is to:
2. Management of the transplant candidate’s co-morbidities is a process of collaboration with:
3. It is important for the transplant recipient and caregiver to understand organ function and signs of rejection.
4. The transplant facility’s primary contact for the case manage is the:
5. The transplant candidate’s tests, exams, and required documents must be up to date so they are ready to proceed with:
6. Reinsurers must be informed of major changes in a patient’s medical condition to:
7. Discharge planning for the transplant stay begins:
8. The most important duty of the patient post-transplant is:
9. Post-transplant patients must remain in close proximity to the transplant facility until immunosuppressant drug levels are stable.
10. Areas requiring ongoing monitoring post-transplant are: