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1. A lower case rate is always better than a high case rate.
2. You can expect a Bank of Days Inlier Period for solid organ transplants.
3. An outlier per diem is:
4. What is the best reason to carve the organ acquisition out of a case rate?
5. If Billed Charges are $500K for the transplant phase, and the case rate is $200K, how much is payable assuming there is a maximum achievable discount provision of 50% of Billed Charges?
6. If Billed Charges are $140K and the case rate is $150K, how much is payable assuming a lesser of provision of 90% of Billed Charges?
7. A contract with organ charges included in the case rate is always better than an organ carved away from the case rate.
8. If a hospital’s average billed charges for the heart transplant phase are $300,000K, and the contracted case rate is $120,000 with a maximum achievable discount, then
9. What should be your first question when given the case rate amount for a transplant?
10. If a hospital offers a case rate for as long as the patient is inpatient (no stated inlier period), what other provision will always be present?