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hello, this is a test page.

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1. In the case study, Aaron had a VAD implanted as a bridge to transplant with initial waitlist status 7. This means:
2. Elements to include in a transplant patient’s profile are:
3. In preparation for the transplant evaluation, it is okay for the candidate to have some of the test performed by the local provider with permission by the transplant center.
4. Please select the best response. In the case of the patient requiring admission to the local hospital, the case manager should:
5. Throughout the transplant continuum of care, the case manager must keep the lines of communication open with:
6. The transplant evaluation allows the transplant team to identify the best treatment option for the patient.
7. The Transplant Case Management Report is a means of communication to report:
8. By equipping the patient and family with transplant program data and facts to allows them the opportunity to:
9. Please select the best response. When performing a medical necessity review, these items are important to collect in order conduct a thorough review:
10. The patient has completed the transplant evaluation. The transplant selection committee makes a decision to approve, deny, or delay waitlisting based on these three areas: