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                                              Intestinal & Multi-Visceral Transplantation: Version 7.0


Absolute Contraindications
        • Severe unresolvable cardiac, respiratory, and/or neurologic complications
        • Multisystem organ failure
        • Uncontrollable sepsis
        • Congenital immune deficiency syndromes
        • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV positive)
        • Malignancy outside of the intestine with metastasis

Relative Contraindications
        • Physical debilitation
        • Inadequate social or family support
        • Advanced age (over 65)

All contraindications, absolute and relative, may be highly center-specific. We advise case managers and referring physicians to contact one of the INTERLINK Health Services Transplant Network participating centers to discuss the case with the intestinal transplant coordinator and/or the physician director prior to making a referral.