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Average Billed Charges

                                                                                  Liver Transplantation: Version 7.0

Average Billed Charges

For patients who do undergo a liver transplant, average billed charges, including the first year of follow-up after the transplant are shown in the following table. These charges are in addition to any charges incurred for the management of the underlying liver disease prior to transplant.

Estimated US average billed charges per liver transplant projected for 2014, from evaluation through the first year following transplantation: [1]



 30 Days Pre-Transplant




 Hospital Transplant Admit


 Physician Transplant Admit


 180 days Post Transplant Admit


 OP Immunosuppressant & RX





1 Milliman 2014 US Organ and Tissue Transplant Cost Estimates and Discussion. Milliman ( December 2014.