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                                               Kidney/Pancreas and Islet Transplantation: Version 7.0

Contraindications for Kidney/Pancreas and Pancreas Transplantation

Solid Organ Transplantation: General Contraindications [1]
        •    Active infection
        •    Malignant disease - patients should be tumor-free for at least three years prior
              to consideration for transplantation (this may vary by center)
        •    HIV (this may vary by center)
        •    Active peptic ulcer disease
        •    Active drug, tobacco or alcohol abuse
        •    Severe, irreversible organ system damage other than organ to be transplanted
        •    Evidence of psychopathology
        •    Inability to understand the procedure or the risks involved or comply with
              follow-up care
        •    History of failure to comply with medical regimen
        •    Lack of functional psychosocial support system
        •    Lack of financial resources to pay for surgery, hospitalizations,
              medications and follow-up care

SPK, PAK and PTA: Absolute Contraindications
        •    Uncorrectable coronary artery disease
        •    Advanced peripheral vascular disease
        •    Refractory congestive heart failure
        •    Active infection
        •    HBV surface Ag positive
        •    Irreversible hepatic or pulmonary disease
        •    Severe systemic illness that threatens recovery or otherwise limit
        •    Diabetes adequately controlled with insulin

SPK, PAK and PTA: Relative Contraindications
        •    Advanced vascular disease that is remedial
        •    Advanced autonomic neuropathy
        •    Extreme obesity (> 150 percent of ideal body weight)
        •    Recent retinal hemorrhage
        •    Active smoking
        •    Age < 18 years or > 60 years
        •    Blindness
        •    Major amputation
        •    CVA
        •    Corrected coronary artery disease

1 Cowan PA, Wicks MN, Rutland TC, Ammons J and Hathaway DK. “Pancreas Transplantation.”  Organ Transplantation 2002 17 June 2002.  20 June 2003 Medscape.