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Patient Selection Criteria

                                                                                    HCT Transplantation: Version 7.0

Patient Selection Criteria

Patient selection criteria will vary by center. The following criteria are representative.  For specific patient selection criteria, INTERLINK Health Services Transplant Network encourages the referring case managers and physicians to contact the center directly to discuss the proposed referral candidate.

Source:  National Marrow Donor Program: Clinical Eligibility

        •    Good performance status (ECOG 01 or KPS > 70 percent)
        •    No serious neurologic or psychiatric condition
        •    Serum creatinine < 1.5 mg/dl or creatinine clearance > 60cc/minute
        •    Cardiac left ventricular ejection fraction, non-cardiac MUGA scan > 50 percent
        •    Pulmonary diffusion capacity (DLCO) and an FEV1 on pulmonary function
              testing must be > 60 percent
        •    Bilirubin < 2 mg/dl, SGOT and SGPT < 2x upper limit of normal and stable
        •    Patients must be HIV negative and have no active infections
        •    Patients must be willing to sign informed consents and cooperate with
              extensive follow-up examinations
        •    Patients must have evidence of source of financial support (insurance)
              for the transplant