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Kidney Transplant

                                                                                Kidney Transplantation: Version 7.0


In 2015, American hospitals performed 17,878 renal transplants. There were 12,250 cadaveric transplants and 5,628 living donor transplants. While cadaveric donation is at all time high and increasing, over the last decade the number of living related donors has actually decreased. In 2005 there were 6,572 living related renal transplants or almost a 1000 more living related transplants than in 2015. However, there is great variation among transplant programs and geographic regions in the proportion of living donor transplants performed. Some are as high as 62%, others as low as 8%.

INTERLINK supports kidney transplantation as the first-line therapy for all patients with ESRD who meet established eligibility criteria. Pre-emptive kidney transplantation for patients not yet on dialysis using a well-matched living donor can yield the very best clinical results and is highly cost-effective.