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Member Tools Description

Candidate Education Booklets: INTERLINK’s candidate education booklet was prepared to share information about the transplant process, and to help guide you in selecting a transplant program.  It contains basic information based on comments previous patients have made regarding what would have been useful to them as they evaluated and selected a transplant center and team.  In the Frequently Asked Questions section of the booklet we asked and answered the most common questions about organ transplantation. We have also enclosed lists of organizations you might contact for transplant resources and transplant type specific information.

Facility Outcome Data Sheets: The INTERLINK® Facility Data Sheets are meant to provide a starting point for our clients and their members as they navigate through the transplant process, starting with selecting a transplant center. These transplant program data sheets provide a snapshot of a specific INTERLINK® "COE" facility program. An overview of the center along with detailed information about the transplant program such as outcomes data, number of transplants, certifications and memberships, resources available and so on.

Facility Comparison Worksheets: Designed by INTERLINK’s Medical Department, these can be utilized for side-by-side program comparisons.  Look at factors such as wait time, program inception, transplant volume, and statistically adjusted outcomes.