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Member Decision Tools

INTERLINK® provides excellent transplant outcome Member Decision tools. INTERLINK® believes that well-informed candidates make better transplant program decisions.

Before the introduction of the Internet, all transplant information was not available to the public. Times have changed! Now there are many websites displaying transplant outcome information; but even for the experienced transplant healthcare professional, determining which outcome measures are telling for a quality transplant can be confusing.

Follow the link below to learn about the materials that can be requested through your case manager. INTERLINK® has limits on how much information can be ordered, and only provides information for centers and programs meeting our strict volume and outcome criteria (TransplantCOE Network Providers).

The process starts with reviewing the TransplantCOE Network map, and identifying centers of potential interest.

Step 1:  Review the TransplantCOE Network and identify programs of interest.

INTERLINK® TransplantCOE Map

Step 2:  Review and order Member Decision Tools

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