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Selection Tips & Strategies

It used to be that about 90% of candidates received their transplant from the closest provider to where they lived.   Given all the specialization and information available today, making such an important decision on location alone limits choices.    A transplant remains one of the most complicated medical procedures; and not always are the most qualified teams the closest to where you live.

There is so much information, that it is often hard to determine what measurers are important.   There are:

1) Transplant specific data websites;   
2) Disease specific organizations and websites;
3) Transplant center websites; and,
4) Consolidated information (INTERLINK materials)

Explore the websites and web links above for more information.   INTERLINK’s consolidated information can be obtained by viewing the TransplantCOE map link, identifying the centers of interest for your transplant type, and then requesting printed information (Member Decision Tools) through your case manager.